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Tabitha Durr, Therapist in Houston Texas

Tabitha Durr, LMFT

Lead Clinician - Individuals & Couples

Iam a licensed marriage and family therapist born and raised in southern California. From a young age I always felt drawn towards supporting people and getting to know their stories. Whether seeing me for Individual therapy, Couples counseling or Group therapy, my goal is to support clients by creating a space and relationship in which they are embraced with unwavering empathy and non-judgmental curiosity.

My passion for people is what led me to my work as a therapist. After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology in San Diego, I moved to the Los Angeles area to complete a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary.

At Destination Therapy, I offer individual & couples therapy online via tele-health to clients residing all across Texas and California. I also run groups as a lead clinician on the team, so if you are interested in building a supportive community in a therapeutic space, group therapy might be a good fit for you.

Many of my clients are busy professionals struggling to balance their busy lives at work and their responsibilities at home. I help clients prevent burnout and find ways to prioritize their relationships with loved ones and show up in meaningful ways that are important to them. 

I also support clients in exploring their identity, building healthy relationships with their body image and improving self-esteem. I help clients navigate stress, anxiety and big life transitions by providing personalized care and helping them identify healthy ways of managing stress.

If you are looking for support, I’ll partner with you and provide a safe space for you to work towards your goals. My approach is person-centered, trauma-informed and collaborative. While working with me, it is my hope that you will build healthy and impactful coping skills as well as work towards finding peace and confidence in who you are and how you can face life’s challenges.

Currently accepting new clients for individual therapy.

A little more about me.

Attending Fuller Theological Seminary for graduate school was an intentional decision, as I desired to learn about how theology and psychology could work together in the process of healing. Our beliefs help us to make meaning of what happens in our life and how we choose to respond. They are a valuable source of strength and an important part of who we are. I respect the beliefs my clients hold and invite my clients to identify how these beliefs can support the therapeutic process whether that’s in group therapy, individual therapy, couples counseling or premarital counseling.

As well as integrating faith and psychology in my work, I help clients navigate many aspects of their identity, purpose, and their understanding of themselves and their place in the world. By making space for my client’s questions and doubts, I help them overcome feelings of hopelessness, low mood and self doubt. I provide a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental environment for clients to explore their questions about who they are and what they believe about the world without judgment.

Much of my work to date has also been supporting clients in the exploration of self-image, low self-esteem and body image issues. In alignment with this, I have also been trained to provide counseling to clients who struggle with eating disorders and restrictive eating patterns. The process of recovery involves addressing the emotional, mental, physical, and medical aspects of these diagnoses. I value collaborating with the other members on a client’s care team (e.g. primary care physician, dietitian, etc.) and utilize a collaborative approach when supporting these clients as their clinician.


I utilize the following theoretical models and clinical approaches: