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Welcome to Destination Therapy

Houston's Premier Therapy Practice

Providing high quality care to busy professionals. We offer individuals and couples the opportunity to reflect, heal and gain the tools they need to move forward and achieve their goals.

Build a More Fulfilling Life with Destination Therapy in Houston

Do you ever get the sense that life has gotten out of your control? Whether you’re struggling in work or with your important relationships, our Houston therapists can help you:

We're Ready to Welcome You In...

Destination Therapy is grounded in anti-racist, culturally affirming care that celebrates all intersectional identities. We’re passionate about the work we do to support our clients in showing up as their authentic selves, as well as taking steps towards destigmatizing and decolonizing the field of Mental Health.

Counseling for Healing, Growth and Transformation

Destination Therapy is a psychotherapy and counseling practice offering in person appointments in Houston, Texas and serving clients online (telehealth) who reside in the state(s) of Texas, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Utah and New York.

For professionals, we can help you set boundaries at work and at home to prevent burnout. We’ll listen to you and help develop your vision for your life-work balance (because we believe life comes first!). At Destination Therapy in Houston, our therapists can help you put life before work.

You’ll also benefit from our expertise in treating anxiety, burnout, depression, and perfectionism. Because you deserve peace, ease, and fulfillment!

And for couples, if you want to reduce tension and fall back in love or more deeply in love, we can help.

Talk With a Mental Health Professional

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Our Therapy Intake Process

01. Using the button below, you schedule a consultation. Then our admin team will reach out to confirm the details and have you fill out a short questionnaire.
02. One of our therapists will reach out to you at the scheduled time for a free 15-minute video consultation.
03. Assuming we’re a good fit and both parties want to work together, we’ll schedule the first intake session and go from there.
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Houston Therapists for Professionals and Couples

Hi, and welcome to Destination Therapy.

It’s our passion to help busy professionals and stressed couples work through tough emotional challenges. We’ve seen firsthand how much things like anxiety, burnout, depression, and perfectionism can take away from life satisfaction. That’s why we’re here to help professionals and couples get back on their feet and thrive.

By partnering you with our excellent therapists, we help you feel seen, valued, and understood. These are essential ingredients in relieving stress, anxiety, burnout, and more. We also support our clients in creating healthy boundaries at work and in relationships.

Destination Therapy is grounded in anti-racist, culturally affirming care that celebrates all intersectional identities. We’re passionate about the work we do to support our clients, as well as taking steps towards destigmatizing and decolonizing the field of Mental Health.


Check Out Our Specialties

Self Esteem and Identity

Life Transitions

Grief and Loss

Stress Management

Work Related Issues

Relationships & Boundaries

Womens' Issues


Trauma Linked Issues

Anxiety Management


You May Be Wondering…

People go to therapy for all sorts of reasons. Some seek therapy for help with emotions such as grief, anger, fear, or guilt. Others may seek therapy for special needs such as BIPOC or LGBTQ friendly therapy, or marriage counseling. Still others come for hard to pinpoint symptoms or challenges such as burnout and perfectionism. At Destination Therapy, we offer individual and couples counseling to help you get back on track with life and thrive.

At Destination Therapy, we believe in providing you with personalized and effective therapy services. Our fee structure is designed to offer flexibility and accommodate your specific needs.

For individual therapy sessions, we offer 50-minute sessions starting at $150. Our fees vary slightly, ranging between $150 and $170 to $180, depending on the therapist’s level of education and experience. We understand that your journey is unique, and we want to ensure you have the best fit for your needs.

For couples counseling, we offer both 50-minute sessions starting at $180 and extended 80-minute sessions at $288. This flexibility allows you to choose the duration that suits your relationship and objectives.

We take pride in our team of passionate, highly qualified therapists, each with their unique expertise. You can find detailed information about our clinicians, including their fees and availability, on our “Meet the Team” page. We encourage you to explore our team and work with us to help you find the right therapist to support you on your path to well-being and personal growth.

In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, Destination Therapy accepts out of pocket pay. We are not in network with any insurance providers, though you may be able to get reimbursement from your insurance company under certain plans. You can read more about reimbursements on our FAQ page.

We think so! We’ve seen countless of our clients feel better, navigate emotional issues like relationships or career, and develop healthy boundaries with themselves and others. An investment in therapy can pay happiness dividends for years to come, due to lifestyle changes, personal growth, and healing that can occur. The earlier you seek help, the longer you’ll reap the rewards.

We recommend once per week. However, some clients or couples may do one session biweekly which may suit them better. Your therapist will help you determine a schedule that’s right for your needs.

At Destination Therapy, we take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We will never tell your employer, partner, family members or anyone else what you share with us. There are a few exceptions under the law, such as when a client is considering suicide or violence to others where we may need to step in for safety reasons. But aside from these legally required exceptions, we will not share the details of our sessions to anyone outside of our practice without your permission.

If you would like us to communicate with someone about your care, such as another healthcare provider or family member, we can have you sign a release of information form which we will keep on file.

The answer can be complicated as everyone’s individual therapy journey is unique. Depending on what you are coming in for, your goals, challenges, symptoms, severity, and other factors, therapy can last for 3-6 months or 2 years+. At Destination Therapy, we use a range of approaches and treatment modalities to support clients along their journey.

Some clients want to work through a specific issue, whereas others may use therapy as part of their self care routine more long term. The best way to know how long you might be in therapy for, is to speak with one of our clinicians about your needs with a consultation call, which you can schedule above or below.

We provide personalized, high quality care from well trained clinicians who love what they do. We’re passionate about mental health and take pride in continuing to expand our knowledge and skills to help our clients. We strive to create a safe, inclusive space to celebrate the diversity of our clients! By pursuing continued education and training, our therapists remain engaged in supporting our community, including our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients.

Destination Therapy is located at 3730 Kirby Dr Suite 204, Houston, TX 77098.

We offer flexible scheduling for early morning, day time, evening or even weekend sessions depending on your needs.

Not in Houston? We also provide services to clients online (telehealth) who reside anywhere in the state(s) of Texas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Utah and New York. To see how we can support you, use the button below to schedule a consultation.

We are so glad you’re here!

You can reach out to us whichever way is most comfortable for you. We want this process to feel easy, not a phone person? No worries, you can fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Feeling ready to do this thing? Then skip the contact form and book a 15-minute video consultation by requesting an appointment using our instant booking feature.