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Living in a Eurocentric society can make it hard for you to feel seen, heard, and valued as a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC). That’s why having a therapist who takes time to understand your unique background and experiences can be so helpful. 

At Destination Therapy, we don’t lead with assumptions about you. We take the time to understand life through your unique lens, which includes making space for your culture or identity. 

Our Houston therapists are committed to empowering the expression of your authentic self – no performance, walls, or edits needed. 

Looking for a Therapist in Houston who Gets You?

Our therapists are ready to give you the affirmation, respect, dignity, and understanding you deserve. It can be hard navigating healthcare systems and finding a provider you truly connect with as a person of color. We get it! That’s why we start with a foundation of respect, support, and trust.  

When you partner with our therapists, you’ll experience:  

And much more.  

Take a step for your own mental health today.  

Safety and Healing for BIPOC Clients at Destination Therapy in Houston

As a member of the BIPOC community, it can feel that everyone relies on you. But who do you rely on? When you partner with Destination Therapy in Houston, you’ll be in the care of a reliable professional. We’re in your corner, rooting for you. This can be your time to be taken care of, live your “soft life,” and vent your frustrations!   

Whether you’re dealing with racism and microaggressions, anxiety and depression, trauma, burnout or other concerns, our team is trained to help you come out the other side feeling whole. You finally have a safe space to explore and process painful experiences and beliefs. This can help you move towards a place of healing and growth.

Our warm and caring therapists will support you in navigating some of life’s challenges. By adopting an anti-racist and anti-colonial lens, we’ll consider the larger context of some of the issues you may face. We’ll also consider unique cultural quirks. And we’ll do it all while making space for YOU in the process.

Our humanistic foundation keeps assumptions at bay and helps guide our work together. We’ll help you chart a path forward, towards a fulfilling life led by goals and values defined by you.

Our Therapy Intake Process  

  • Using the button below, you schedule a consultation. Then our admin team will reach out to confirm the details and have you fill out a short questionnaire.
  • One of our therapists will reach out to you at the scheduled time for a free 15-minute video consultation. 
  • Assuming we’re a good fit and both parties want to work together, we’ll schedule the first intake session and go from there.  

Our 50-minute sessions for individuals start at $150 per session

So, if you’re ready to release stress, take steps towards freedom, and find peace…  

Then schedule a 15-minute consultation with us by clicking the button below.  

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15 Minute Consultation Call

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Initial Intake and Evaluation

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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Counseling and Psychotherapy

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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BIPOC, pronounced bye-pock, stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Though there is controversy around putting these diverse groups into one bucket, the acronym is meant to show solidarity between different historically oppressed groups. Living in a Eurocentric society like the United States or the United Kingdom today can bring unique challenges. These include racism, stereotyping, systemic barriers to upward mobility, and more.

A BIPOC therapist is simply one who understands the experiences of different minority groups and how they can affect a person’s development. A BIPOC therapist doesn’t have to be BIPOC herself, though BIPOC clients often express wanting a BIPOC therapist. This is not always possible, as roughly 75% of therapists and counselors are white. Luckily, this is starting to change, albeit slowly. At Destination Therapy, we have multiple BIPOC therapists to match you with.

BIPOC therapy can help clients process their experiences, vent your frustrations, find community and support, and help you live your “soft life.” At Destination Therapy, we strive to help you feel seen, heard, and celebrated in all aspects of your identity. We know life can be hard without the right support, so we support you.

For some clients, it is important to have a BIPOC therapist. This is because they struggle to feel seen or to take down defensive walls around non-BIPOC therapists. Feeling the need to edit oneself, hold back on expressing feelings, or put on a performance are common frustrations. With a BIPOC therapist, you’ll be free to express yourself however you wish, and still be understood and valued