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Our Houston LGBTQ Friendly Therapists are Here to Support and Empower You

Houston is an incredibly diverse city and we celebrate that! Our therapists strive to create space for all to come as their authentic selves and feel truly seen.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, dealing with discrimination, stigma, or a lack of understanding in our heteronormative society can be taxing on your mental health.

Our Houston LGBTQ friendly therapists provide inclusive care that helps you:

How Does an LGBTQ Friendly Therapist Help?

By giving you a safe space to feel free from judgment, our Houston LGBTQ friendly Therapists create an atmosphere for healing and growth. As you begin to process your experiences, you can work through different challenges, internal conflicts, or issues from the past.

In doing so, we hope to support you in feeling more aligned with your values, goals, and the vision you have for your life. It’s our goal to foster a sense of authenticity, self-acceptance and self-compassion. 

Our passionate and highly trained therapists can help you heal old wounds you may have from past turmoil, family issues or religious conflicts. We want to give you a sense of newfound hope when you work with our compassionate team members. 

Additionally, our therapists have received special training to help members of the entire 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Destination Therapy practices Trauma Informed Care, which means that our therapists recognize and respond to the impact that trauma may have had on each individual we serve’s mental, emotional and physical health. 

So, if you’re two-spirited, lesbian, gay, transgender, queer or questioning, intergender/intersex, asexual, or another beautiful expression, we’ve got your back. 

You don’t have to do it alone. 

The Quickest Way to Relief: Finding an LGBTQ Friendly Therapist in Houston

Being aligned with the right therapist can be powerful for healing and growth. You don’t have to do it alone. Connect with a supportive therapist who is invested in your unique journey.

If you ready to: 

Then our Houston Therapists can help. By fostering “unconditional positive regard,” our LGBTQ+ affirming clinicians can offer a safe space for you to begin your therapy journey.

The Destination Therapy Intake Process 

  1. Using the button below, you schedule a consultation. Then our admin team will reach out to confirm the details and have you fill out a quick questionnaire.
  2. One of our therapists will reach out to you at the scheduled time for a free 15-minute video consultation.
  3. Assuming we’re a good fit and both parties want to work together, we’ll schedule the first intake session and go from there. 

Individual sessions are 50 minutes and start at $150. 

Couples sessions are 50 or 80 minutes and start at $150.

If you’re ready to start feeling truly seen and celebrated, click the button below and let’s get started with a consultation.

15-min free

15 Minute Consultation Call

$0Complimentary fifteen minute Video Call
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Initial Intake and Evaluation

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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Counseling and Psychotherapy

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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The acronym that you see online will vary depending on the person and context. The most exhaustive (yet not fully exhaustive) acronym we use at Destination Therapy is LGBTQQIP2SA. This stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, Two-Spirited, and Asexual.

Your LGBTQ friendly therapist will be able to explain all of these terms to you in the course of therapy, or offer you resources for self-learning. We suggest that you don’t get too attached to labels, because they are just that – labels. Your gender expression and sexual identity are unique to you, and these labels may help or hurt you at different points in your journey. The best strategy is to stay open to new information about yourself in the course of therapy.

LGBTQ affirmative therapy is therapy that celebrates and values members of the LGBTQ+ community. In contrast to conversion therapy, LGBTQ affirmative therapy sees nothing wrong with your gender identity nor sexual expression. Your therapist won’t try to convert you into a heterosexual. Instead, they’ll listen to you, ask questions, reflect your feelings, and strive to see you, hear you, and celebrate you.

LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy can help individuals and couples deal with challenges such as stigma, discrimination, negative past experiences, navigating relationships, and developing self-compassion. In the process of LGBTQ therapy, your therapist will support you, challenge you, hear you, see you, and value you. At Destination Therapy, our LGBTQ friendly therapists help those in the community overcome their unique challenges. 

Yes, we offer LGBTQ couples therapy which starts at $150 per 50 minute session. To learn more, schedule a quick and easy 15 minute consultation using the button below.

We usually begin by seeing clients weekly, then depending upon their needs we can shift to biweekly appointments. Many of our clients work with us on a long term basis. However, some clients engage for 12-20 sessions, with the majority seeing improvements in feeling and emotional health in that time frame.

The length of individual counseling depends on your challenges, the severity of those challenges, your willingness to change, your goals for therapy and the role it will play in your life, and many more factors.If you’d like a realistic estimate for you, contact us today for a 15 minute consultation and one of our therapists will be able to help you.