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Our Houston therapists help busy professionals overcome many challenges. If you’re experiencing anxiety, panic, burnout, depression, or more, we have well-trained, passionate therapists in Houston available to help you. 

We’ll help you relieve stress, build a healthy life-work balance, and address challenges in life, love, and work.

Are You Experiencing Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, or Perfectionism?

Your career is important to you, and it’s also highly demanding. Because you’re only human, it’s easy to allow work stress to spill into other areas of your life like friendships, dating, family and hobbies.

  • Have you found yourself being impatient with loved ones? 

  • Have you erupted at your kids recently? 

  • Do you worry that your stress at work is impacting your relationships outside of work? 

  • Do you want to feel less stress and frustration? 

  • Are you ready to feel a sense of peace and calm? 

  • Are you ready to get on a path to better health, wholeness, and balance? 

At Destination Therapy, we help busy professionals like you put life first in your life-work balance. By actively listening and reflecting back your feelings, we help you feel safe and heard. We’ll validate your concerns and take time to understand your unique situation.

We provide personalized treatment that meets you where you’re at. Our Houston therapists are passionate and skillful in helping you identify and reach your unique goals. Finding relief starts with a free 15-minute phone consultation.


Individual Counseling for Your Mental Health

You may be wondering – why are we so confident that we can help you? The relationships we have with our clients, the referrals we continue to receive and our track record of helping clients in their journey to heal and grow, makes us confident in the work we do.

We’ve seen the impact of creating a safe, judgment free zone where you can come as you are, gain new insights about yourself, and see new perspectives on your experiences.

Additionally, we see the changes our clients are able to make every day. We admire your bravery in stepping up to confront your inner challenges. And we honor that bravery by guiding you to the other side of stress: resilience, calmness, and wholeness.

We get it. Asking for help is hard, especially if you’re the one people usually rely on. We understand that seeking individual therapy can be hard, scary, or even overwhelming. But we also know that those with the courage to seek help are the ones who find it.

If you’re ready to get help, here’s our intake process:

  • Using the button below, you schedule a consultation. Then our admin team will reach out to confirm the details and have you fill out a short questionnaire.
  • One of our therapists will reach out to you at the scheduled time for a free 15-minute video consultation.
  • Assuming we’re a good fit and both parties want to work together, we’ll schedule the first intake session and go from there.

Because we value transparency, our prices are as follows:

Individual Therapy sessions start at $150.

Like most specialty providers, Destination Therapy does not participate in any insurance plans. That means we are private pay only. Paying out-of-pocket is a great option for people who want maximum privacy, confidentiality, and flexibility.

Did you know you might be able to get reimbursed for your therapy sessions?

If you have out-of-network benefits, your insurance provider may be able to reimburse most (50-80%) if not all of the cost of your sessions.

You can read more about how to get reimbursed for sessions from your insurance company over in our FAQ section below.

If that all sounds good to you, and you’re feeling ready to begin your therapy journey, we’d love to get you started on finding the help you deserve!

Benefits of Individual Therapy for Busy Houston Professionals

If you’re a high achiever, you likely have some good coping skills already. These might be working out, running, reading, eating healthy, engaging in sports and hobbies, and more.  

However, the one thing that these coping skills can’t offer is an attuned person who is an expert listener completely focused on you, with the skills to help you navigate life’s challenges.  

Your support network can listen as you vent your concerns and help you feel a little better. But there’s something special about the therapeutic relationship. Your therapist is there entirely for you, so you can get the deep benefits that therapy offers:

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Relief from grief and loss

  • An expert listener who can help you feel seen and heard

  • An unconditionally positive presence who helps you feel safe as you open up

  • Real human connection with someone who is present in the moment with you

  • A licensed professional who can diagnose your symptoms with accuracy and recommend medication if necessary 

With all these benefits, starting therapy is a no-brainer. If you’re a busy professional looking for individual therapy in Houston, don’t try to go it alone. Let us help you. Schedule a call now and we’ll reach out within one business day.

15-min free

15 Minute Consultation Call

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Initial Intake and Evaluation

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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Counseling and Psychotherapy

$15050-minute Sessions range from $150-$180
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Individual Counseling FAQ

Individual counseling is where one client discusses their challenges with a therapist. These challenges can be emotional, relational, and career or goal related. They can also be about navigating life in general, such as getting clear on one’s values, goals, and vision. Common issues that we help individuals with at Destination Therapy include anxiety, burnout, depression, self-esteem, navigating experiences as a BIPOC and/or LGBTQ person, and more. See our services page for all offerings.

There is no single purpose of individual therapy. But the following purposes give a good view of what individual therapy can offer: healing past trauma, processing grief and anger, uprooting social and generalized anxiety, understanding oneself on a deeper level, developing healthy boundaries with work, loved ones, and self, addressing anxiety, depression, burnout, perfectionism, and more.

Individual therapy works by helping you open up to your experiences and understand them better. A well trained therapist can give you the space and attention you need to address certain issues you may be facing. Through listening, providing reflections, asking insightful questions, challenging negative thinking, identifying healthy coping skills and offering you different perspectives, your therapist should help you understand yourself better, feel better day-to-day, and set a clear path for your future.

In individual counseling, the focus is on YOU and your goals. For some people, it’s much more intimidating to share one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a group setting. In individual counseling it can be much easier. Another benefit is that you’ll have a stronger relationship with your therapist, as you’ll see them one on one each session. This helps you connect with them and feel safe, seen, and celebrated.