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Depression can feel as if a heavy weight is dragging you down. Or like you’re not living to the fullest. Therapy for Depression can help you feel connected to and engaged with your life, your relationships, and your passions again. Getting support for depression may be the key you need to finally feel things again and to feel better moving forward. You don’t have to face it alone.

Meaningless, Hopeless, or Empty: What Does Your Depression Feel Like?

Depression is more common than you might think. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 280 million people around the world have depression. On top of that, more than 700,000 people die due to suicide every year.

So you’re not alone if you ever:

  • Withdraw socially
  • Wonder “What’s the point?”
  • Have trouble getting out of bed
  • Feel burned out or isolated at work
  • Experience random bouts of crying
  • Think the world would be better off if you were never born
  • Sense a feeling of intense loneliness (even when surrounded by others)

The truth is that depression is the second most common mental health disorder worldwide, just behind anxiety disorders. It’s nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. And like millions of people have, you may be able to move towards a place of healing and recover from depression too.

“Some people have ups and downs… some people have all downs. They can last for hours or sometimes months, I've had it last for years. Everything just felt numb.”

Depression has been described as a weight on your chest, lack of joy in the things you used to love, and a lack of motivation to do much of anything. It can affect your work life and your professional life, your relationships with others, and how you relate to yourself.

Others may struggle with purpose, low motivation, moving through grief and loss, and other symptoms, even if it isn’t to the full extent of a depression diagnosis.

If you think you may be experiencing depression (or depressed feelings), it might be time to reach out for help from trained professionals. The therapists on our team can give you the support that you need.

If you’re ready for guidance and support in overcoming your depression, click the button below.

Discover Non-Judgemental Support: Therapy for Depression in Houston

Do you ever feel the urge to “put on a brave face” so others don’t notice your depressed moods? That’s understandable if you do! Nobody wants to make others worry about them. So we want to assure you, that you’re free to come as you are, even if who you are right now isn’t your favorite version of yourself.

Therapy can help you recover from depression at your own pace. Working with a therapist can help you go from feeling stuck, numb, and hopeless to relieved, hopeful, and moving forward. Therapy for depression is for you if you want:

  • An enhanced sense of self-worth
  • A sense of vitality and energy for life
  • Improved moods and decision-making
  • Improved work performance and relationships
  • Relief from stressors and the heaviness that is depression
  • Renewed interest in daily life, relationships, hobbies and interests
  • Improved sleep (beat restlessness and/or excessive oversleeping)

Therapy can be a wonderful tool to support you in reducing your symptoms. Coming to therapy, acknowledging what you’re going through, and feeling truly seen and heard can be a validating experience.

It’s a really brave thing to seek out help for depression. It can feel very overwhelming and hard to see hope when experiencing depression. We admire your bravery and courage in seeking support and will do everything to help you find a place of healing and get the support you need along your journey.

Feel Like Yourself Again: How Therapy for Depression Works

Your therapy journey will be different than anyone else’s. With that said, our general process for depression therapy will be adapted to suit your needs and personality:


Phase One – Intake: You’ll speak with one of our therapists for free on your initial secure video consultation. This is a time to see what therapy might be like for you. Assuming you want to join us for therapy, you’ll meet your therapist online for an initial session. In this session, your symptoms will be assessed and your goals for therapy for depression will start to take shape. The focus here is on mapping your path to recovery from depression, while not moving too fast for comfort.


Phase Two – Regular Support: You’ll receive weekly (or bi-weekly) support via therapy sessions. Developing a connection with your therapist is important, as studies show how well you fit with your therapist is the biggest factor in successful therapy. Becoming comfortable talking about your struggles with depression and starting to develop deeper self-awareness will also happen in this phase.

In some cases, your therapist will assess whether or not it might be good for you to meet with a prescriber to explore medication options to assist with managing and decreasing your depressive symptoms.


Phase Three – Coping Skills: Your therapist will help you build new skills that you can use outside of the therapy room. These skills can help you cope during difficult moments when you need them. They’ll also support you in making progress towards your therapy goals in between sessions. We want to help set you up for success, so working on things outside of therapy is important for us as we support you on your journey.


Phase Four – More Progress: As therapy progresses, your relationship with your therapist will progress and coming to therapy will hopefully feel like the safe space you’ve been looking for. You’ll hopefully start to feel relief from the depressive symptoms as time goes on. At a certain point, you may need less therapeutic support. Over time, we may taper down your sessions to less frequency and eventually explore the next steps when you’re ready to end therapy.


Final Phase – Leaving Therapy: While some clients choose to stay with us long-term as part of their self-care plan and maintenance, you may come to a point where you feel that you no longer need therapy to keep depression at bay. At this point, it may be time to leave therapy. With deeper personal insights, coping skills, and some healing experiences under your belt, we can explore your options and next steps. If you decide to end therapy and want support again in the future, we always ensure past clients are prioritized.


Depression treatment is designed to help you move to a place where you’re no longer feeling stifled by depression. Our program can help you live a more fulfilling life, be more present with your loved ones, and increase your enjoyment of your day to day.

Meet Our Houston Depression Therapists

Research shows that the strongest predictor of success in therapy is your relationship with your therapist. At Destination Therapy in Houston, we have a team of therapists who can help ease your depression.

Tabitha Durr, LMFT

Depression is hard enough without others judging you. That’s why people gravitate to Tabitha’s empathetic and nonjudgmental support. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tabitha is highly skilled in treating depression. Related to this, Tabitha can help if you’re experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, body image issues, perfectionism, or life transitions. So feel free to let your guard down and open up at a pace that’s comfortable. You’ll be supported. Contact Tabitha for online therapy in Texas, California, and Florida. 

Carolina Romero, LPC-A

Are you depressed and experiencing minority stress? Maybe you’re part of an ethnic minority or prefer to speak with a therapist in Spanish. If so, Carolina may be the therapist for you. She strives to move at a pace comfortable for her clients and does her best to lead without judgement and create a safe space for her clients. She can help you process, explore, and work through difficult life challenges such as depression, as well as challenges commonly faced by those who identify as BIPOC, Latinx, or prefer to have therapy sessions in Spanish. Contact Carolina for therapy in our office in Houston, TX or virtual therapy online in Texas.

Kedian Dixon, LMHC, LPC

If you want a relatable and easy-going therapist, work with Kedian. You’ll always be seen as a full person and never just a diagnosis with her. Could your depression be due in part to cultural or racial trauma? Contact Kedian for culturally-affirming care that’s nonjudgmental and celebrates your uniqueness. Kedian is both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) helping clients in Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida. In-person sessions with Kedian are available in Houston.

Monique Dunn, LCSW-S

Monique works to support her team in her role as founder and as an LCSW-S. Monique provides clinical guidance and consultation to all clinicians on the Destination Therapy team and supports them in achieving strong outcomes. Having expert supervision from Monique ensures all Destination Therapy clients get the care and attention they deserve.Monique is no longer accepting new clients, instead spending her time supervising, doing speaking engagements and training, and running the overall business that is Destination Therapy.

Sessions with our Depression Therapists are 50 minutes long and happen weekly or bi-weekly, per your need. Scheduling is very flexible. Sessions are $150-180 each depending upon the therapist. Depression Therapy online is available using our secure video telehealth platform.

Like most specialty providers, Destination Therapy does not participate in any insurance plans. Paying out-of-pocket is a great option for people who want maximum privacy, confidentiality, and flexibility. Many of our clients are able to receive reimbursement from their insurance provider if they have out-of-network (OON) benefits. Let us know if you need help with reimbursement and we’ll gladly assist you.

Why Choose Destination Therapy?

We prioritize our clients by maintaining a limited number of cases. This ensures you receive the undivided attention and support you truly deserve. Moreover, safeguarding your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

Our specialists in Depression Therapy have undergone extensive training to aid in your recovery from depression right here in Houston. We also offer online depression therapy services across five states: Texas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York. At Destination Therapy, our committed therapists will be by your side, guiding you through your recovery journey.

With Destination Therapy, you’re never tackling depression on your own.

Millions of people have been helped to recover from depression in therapy in the last 5+ decades. Depression treatments are always evolving. In a significant amount of cases, depression can be recovered from to an extent, yet coping skills may always be needed to prevent full or partial relapse. Get help from a licensed professional if you’re ready to start treating your depression.

Depression usually does not fix itself, and it’s not advisable to try and “wait it out.”. Keep in mind that depression ranges from mild to more severe levels of symptoms and impact on a person’s daily functioning. More therapeutic work is required to overcome depression as the severity increases. In the vast majority of cases, therapy with a highly trained depression therapist is the best-recommended strategy.

Most people report help for depression from exercise, social connection, limiting or eliminating alcohol and drug use, and getting good quality sleep. However, these may be hard to implement when you’re feeling very down. We recommend seeking the help of a therapist such as those at Destination Therapy.


For help with depression therapy in Houston, please fill out the contact form above or call us at (346) 266-2912. You can also email us with the subject line “depression help” at We’ll do our best to help in a timely manner.

We offer therapy for depression in Houston for in-person sessions. We also offer telehealth in 5 states: Texas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York. Contact us for support in overcoming therapy.

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