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Morgan Boone, LPC Associate

Supervised by Dr. Justyn Smith, LPC-S

Iam a licensed Professional Counselor Associate, and I’m proud to call Texas my home. My journey in counseling began at Southern Methodist University, where I honed my passion for therapy and acquired the skills needed to be an effective clinician. At Destination Therapy, I offer individual therapy online through telehealth, making my services accessible to clients all across Texas.

While many of the individuals I work with are busy professionals navigating life’s challenges wanting to prevent burnout, I’m here to support folks dealing with a wide range of concerns, from anxiety and depression to issues related to relationships and gender identity. I’ve also helped clients through life transitions, grief, trauma, and the internalized struggles of stigma and self-doubt.

As someone who navigates the world through the lens of a queer black person, I understand the importance of making the therapeutic environment affirming for my clients and creating a sense of safety for all parts of them. A significant portion of my clients (individuals and couples) identify as BIPOC, neurodivergent (including ADHD and Autism), LGBTQ+, and are often at the intersections of various identities.

Whether you’re new to therapy or have a history of working with different counselors, my goal is to assist you in exploring and appreciating your unique identity, providing coping strategies and tangible tools to support you in your healing journey.

Currently accepting new clients for individual therapy, couples counseling and premarital counseling

A little more about me.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in authenticity, which means I bring my genuine self into our work together. Whether it’s in individual therapy, couples counseling or premarital counseling, I use empathy, humor, and a variety of therapeutic techniques to align with your unique goals and needs. I’m flexible in adapting different therapy modalities and incorporating holistic care practices to best serve you.

Creating an environment of safety and trust is paramount in building a strong therapeutic relationship. I encourage open and honest dialogue with my clients to ensure I can meet your needs and expectations effectively.  I want you to feel truly seen, and feel supported when navigating a world that can be challenging, at times displaying ableism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia. My commitment to LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy is underscored by my certification in this area. I have experience in providing gender-affirming care and writing hormone replacement therapy letters.

Meeting you where you are in your journey is both a privilege and a joy. I thrive on establishing a strong connection with my clients and witnessing the remarkable progress they make as they navigate their challenges. My mission is to help you process complex thoughts and emotions, gain insight into yourself, and discover effective ways to cope with difficult feelings.

I utilize the following theoretical models and clinical approaches, including: